Quest for the 10 second pass* 2009 pontiac G8GT*


The lastest project in the Gmonde garage is a 2009 Pontiac G8GT with 6.0 LS power plant and a 6L80e 6 speed transmission with 43,000 miles on it when purchased in 2016, since then there been a few upgrades including a 3:45 rear positraction  differential , dod delete ,ls3 cam shaft ,ls7 roller lifters ,cold air intake ,, kooks 1 7/8 headers w/ cats, corsa exhaust .the tuning was performed by myself with the HP tuners software ,it has the all of the tools tools to make changes to the engine ecm and transmission ecm and last spring it performed a 12.86 @ 109.00 at Lebanon valley dragway

This fall ,I installed  an LSA eaton 2.9 supercharger stock pulley  ,ZL1 super charger lid ,2 fan heat exchanger ,injector dynamics 850 injectors ,zl1 fuel pump, F body fuel regulator . The transmission received some updates as well with a Camaro deep pan ,10×9 transmission cooler

For the upcoming spring of 2018 there will be an addition of a tire/wheel combination to help control traction and head towards the 10 second time slip (10.99) while keeping it civil enough to be able to daily drive






New year update,, the new wheel and tire package are installed ,Rears are m&h 275/50/17 on weld 17×10 dot drag radials ,fronts are 225/150/18 0n 7×18 ,,have been making some small changes on the tune ,also some added rear suspension parts the to handle the extra torque and getting ready for track opening in april

20180224_114424_1519499618156_resized7/14/2018 update

I have been to a few test and tunes at lebannon valley dragway with great results for the daily driver ,driving to the track I was able to log 21.5 mpg with a average speed of 55-60 mph ,I arrived at the track and dropped the rear tire pressure to 25 psi ,I also did not want to heat the tires to increase the life of the drag radials ,so I drove around the water box and staged the car ,I put the car in second gear and made the first pass and the time slip came in at 12.32 @ 117.00 in manual shift mode ,,with the first pass out of the way and no tire spin , the next pass I left in first gear and was able to get a 11.80 @ 118.00 and was satisfied with the results I called it a day ,the next goal was to work on the trans tune buy lowering the shift points in sport mode to gain consistency ,the next outing proved to the best so far with changes made to raise the rev limiter to 6800,rpm and lower the 1-2 2-3 3-4 shift points with great results for the engine not to hit the rev limiter (the electronic throttle closes when the rev limit is reached) ,the time slip came in at 11.66 @  118.92